We are looking for organizations in Cleveland Heights that would like to host a vermicompost workshop.

Please share this with businesses, schools, non-profits, houses of worship, and whoever has a community of Cleveland Heights residents, that we can work with. Thank you for your help in raising awareness about composting. If you are member of an organization and are interested in learning more, please reach out to us.

Are you asking yourself right now: “What is vermicomposting?

In short, this is a form of composting, in which the process is accelerated by incorporating composting worms.

Vermicomposting addresses two important topics of today: recycling of organic waste and gardening.

Isn’t it wonderful when two things can go together?

I am currently on a mission to invite 100 households in Cleveland Heights (that’s where I live) and surrounding cities to start their own worm bin. This year, I have already inspired 33 households to begin a compost bin of their own.

Taking the average amounts of annual trash into consideration, 100 households can collectively divert 100,000 lbs. of organic waste from the landfill to their raised bed, backyard, lawn, or indoor flowerpot.

 So far, I have only focused on creating an encouraging Instagram account @wormworkers and a digital workshop format in collaboration with Tilth Soil / Rust Belt Riders. Now I would like to expand my reach and empower the community.

That is why I am reaching out to you today, to offer different workshop formats to you and your members and/or patrons.

  • I can hold a general presentation on what vermicompost is, what materials can be composted, how to take care of the worms and how to harvest the compost.
  • This can be combined with a Q&A session to engage the participants and give them the opportunity to get their questions about composting answered.
  • I can also offer a hands-on DIY workshop in which participants build compost bins together. Those can be built from new and recycled materials. 

Contact Worm Workers to talk about hosting a compost workshop

Please send us a message via the contact form below, in a direct message on instagram or click here to send a text message.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and would love for you to become one of the 100 households.