Buy locally raised compost worms

Worm Workers is your source for red wigglers.

We raise Eisenia Fetida near you in Cleveland Heights.

Our compost worms are fed a rich diet of food scraps, leafs, and woody materials.

We offer support for new worm composters.

Worm Starter Batch $35/each

  • Every batch of compost worms is hand-selected for you from our worm bins.
  • We include worm cocoons, young worms, and adult worms.
  • We do not ship worms, because this is a local business focused on our surrounding cities.
  • Pick up only.

A note on our worm count:

We do not count or weigh the worms for an exact number of worms.

Unlike commercial worm farms, we are not using a uniform bedding medium. When ordering worms online from a large scale breeder, you will usually receive the worms in coconut coir. That makes sense when you are primarily raising worms for resale.

We use food and yard waste, wood chips, and paper waste because our focus is on transforming food waste. However, a non-uniform bedding makes it harder to sort them out. Large worm farms also have staff and machines to separate the worms for shipping.

Our philosophy is to ensure you will end up with a great amount of worms to start your worm bin. We would rather add some more than too little. For example: Uncle Jim’s Worm farm sells 250 red wigglers for $29.90

If you feel like counting your worms, let us know how many you exactly got, we will bet there are more than 250.

Since we are also adding worm cocoons, you will definitely end up with a healthy population of worms in your bin, guaranteed! If anything doesn’t work, just let us know. After all, our mission is to invite, inspire, and empower our neighbors to start a worm bin and to make composting a regular habit.

We sell compost worms locally to folks from Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights, University Heights, South Euclid, Beachwood, and other surrounding cities of Cleveland.

Worm Workers is an environmental enterprise.

We re-invest the proceeds of our worm starter kits into outreach and campaigning on behalf of the compost pile. If you have found us through an ad on facebook, then it was funded by the other neighbors who have started their compost journey.